In a near future apocalypse, a major stock market crash paves the way for a new private currency to rise. Backed by a private corporation this new currency is a savior to the people grasping for anything. A company accountant experiences the death of his wife. Following her death, her body is collected by the company for unexplained reasons. He struggles through grief and questions the hand that feeds.
For the production of False Profit, I worked alongside a group of 4 students to write produced and edit the project in less than 3 months. For the production, I filled the roles Produce, co-writer and partial editing credit. For the team, this was our first larger student film production. We worked alongside local actors along with our programs professors to help produce a more professional looking film.
During the production of the short film, the team had to overcome many challenges. One of the major challenges was scheduling and coordinating people. There were 9 different location and 16 different production days to complete the filming. Making sure that the right people and equipment were there on the right days became a large problem for the team. Another major challenge we had to overcome was the shooting out of order. Many of our locations were only available on certain days with required us to film many of the later scenes before the opening of the movie. This became a challenge for our actors to fully understand their roles and create more on set chemistry. Along with the actors, shooting out of order created more challenges when it came to the consistency of the scenes. It was more difficult to keep track of certain objects locations or transition shots. Overall there were many problems that the team had to overcome and I believe that we did a great job of handling them as they came up.
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